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We recommend you to read the terms and conditions carefully. By making a holiday reservation on the website SolturaDirect.com you agree to have read, understood and accept these terms and conditions.

1. reserve

You can contact SolturaDirect via the Internet and in particular but not exclusively to submit a reservation request via www.solturadirect.com for renting a particular property in a given period . A reservation is always done by completing the reservation form over the internet . SolturaDirect will confirm the reservation made by email as soon as possible after receipt of the reservation. This confirmation also includes the payment instructions for your reservation. In case you have not received our confirmation within 5 days after your booking, then please contact SolturaDirect ( 0034-966792113 )

2. reservation fee

The prices of all holiday homes as displayed on the website SolturaDirect.com are always without any additional costs .

3. price

The prices on the website SolturaDirect.com are subject to errors and price changes. The amounts correspond to the amounts mentioned in the confirmation agreed. You should always check your confirmation carefully.

4. payment

On the reservation confirmation it is confirmed that a deposit of 25 % of the total amount must be paid. This deposit must be paid within 14 days of the date of the invoice / confirmation. The rest, the other 75% of the total reservation amount, must be received six weeks prior to your stay in your holiday home. Reservations made within six weeks before your stay, must be paid in full on receipt of the reservation confirmation. SolturaDirect may cancel the reservation at late or incomplete payment. The amounts paid up to that point are not refundable under no circumstances .

5 . cancellation

Cancellations should be confirmed in writing to SolturaDirect. Immediately after receipt of the written cancellation SolturaDirect sends you a confirmation of your cancellation and the associated invoice .

In case of cancellation the following conditions apply :

• Cancellation from the day of booking up to 42 days before date of arrival, the tenant owes 15 % of the invoice amount .

• Cancellation from the 42th day until the day of arrival, the tenant owes the full invoice amount.

If SolturaDirect is forced to cancel the already booked holiday , because of any unforeseen circumstances , the tenant will be immediately informed about this and , if possible , offered an alternative . If the tenant does not accept this alternative , or SolturaDirect has no alternative to offer , SolturaDirect will immediately refund the amount already paid by the tenant . The tenant has no rights other than the refund of this amount .

We strongly recommend that you properly insure your trip. A good travel , baggage , accident and health insurance protects you against the financial consequences of accidents or illness .

6. Changes by the tenant

If you wish to make a change to your reservation made, you should immediatly confirm this in writing to SolturaDirect. This change is confirmed in writing by SolturaDirect . The related costs will always be € 25,00. Changes in lease and / or exchange of property are considered transfers .

7. Transfers by the tenant

If you wish to transfer to another holiday property, or change the rental period then this is possible until 6 weeks before the rental period of the previously reserved holiday. The associated costs are € 75,00. If you wish to transfer , after that aforementioned period this will be considered as a cancellation and new booking and cancellation terms will remain in force ( see point 5 ) .

8. Pets

Taking a pet is not always allowed . The tenant must apply fort hat explicitely when making his holiday reservtion. If you were allowed to take your pet, this brings an extra cleaning charge per pet of € 25,00. Wearing a flea collar for dog and cat is mandatory at all times. Pets are never allowed tob e in the communal nor private pool. In case a pet is found to have used the pool an extra charge of € 400,00 is demanded immediatly and the tenant is obliged to pay this. Any damage caused by a pet is always reimbursed by the tenant.

9. Provided property and surroundings

The rental property is to be occupied , in compliance with the tranquility of the surroundings with due care and diligence. If the tenant does not behave as a good tenant or serious nuisance or inconvenience caused to its environment and neighbours, it can be denied further access to the holiday property without any refund of the rent. If the tenant causes damage to the rental property and / or inventory , it must be reported . SolturaDirect will imediatly send its local representative to have the damage repaired. The total repair or replacement cost need to be paid on immediate request by the tenant. The contractual tenant is responsible for any damage caused by his / her fellow tenants and visitors, even if it is detected after departure .

10. Water , gas and electricity

The prices SolturaDirect offer are usually EXcluding water , electricity and / or gas , unless otherwise indicated. When using air conditioning and / or electrical heating , the tenant is required to use this in an economical and environmental saving way, so that energy consumption is reduced to a minimal level. Doors and windows must be closed when using air conditioning and / or electrical heating. At a disproportionately high energy consumption, SolturaDirect is entitled to ask the tenant an extra fee to cover these disproportional cost.

11. Maximum number of persons

The description of the property on our website indicates the maximum number of persons permitted to stay overnight . During the booked holiday period this number may not be exceeded under any circumstances , unless you have written permission from SolturaDirect . If more persons are found to stay in the holiday property than was confirmed on the reservation confirmation, immediate access to the holiday property can be enforced. This act is considered to be fraud.

12. Arrival and departure

The tenant is allowed to use his holiday property from 17:00 hrs onwards on the arrival date and needs to leave his holiday property before 10.00 hrs on the departure date. Other times of arrival / or a different changeover day may be requested in writing but are subject to the acceptance by SolturaDirect . During the stay , the tenant needs to look after the cleaning of the house and do the laundry themself. The rented holiday should always be " broom clean" at the end of the holiday period reserved. Tableware accessories and kitchen appliances also need to be cleaned by the tenant and only the last washing may be left dirty. If the holiday property is left behind not according to the rules and conditions as described above an additional cleaning charge will be applied and deducted from the deposit.

13. Other costs

SolturaDirect charges a mandatory final cleaning fee per property. The price for this is different per property and is listed on the reservation confirmation. SolturaDirect also charges safety deposit which varies per property. This will be refunded after inspection by the SolturaDirect representative , after deducting any loss , consumption of electricity or other charges , and after completion of the evaluation by the tenant , within one month after departure of the tenant. The refund will always and only be done by banktransfer. Arrival and / or departure between 24.00 hrs and 07.00 hrs is only possible after written confirmation by SolturaDirect and on request of the tenant. If approved and confirmed the extra charge will be € 50,00 per event.

14. liability

Liability for booking:

The person who books a trip (contractual tenant), also on behalf of other participants , is jointly liable for all the others persons on the reservation made.

Construction work

Many holiday destinations are constantly developed. Accommodations on offer from time to time require maintenance. We ask for your understanding . If, in one of our accommodations activities are carried out and we are aware of this , we will inform you immediatly. Inconvenience as a result of this will be limited as much as possible by the accommodation provider. Maintenance can also be carried out in the immediate area like construction work to roads or other public facilities. We do not accept any responsibilty nor liabilty for any of this inconvenience beyond our control..


The noise standards are more tolerant than in many other European countries . If you are sensitive to noise , we recommend you choose a property without a disco and / or bar and outside the center . The accommodation in the center are often located in the vicinity of restaurants , shops and entertainment . The accommodation provider has very limited influence on noisy behavior of fellow travelers .

Norms and values

A holiday abroad means other people and customs, a different culture , different climate , different food , different than at home . This is one of the most attractive aspects of the holiday, but it is also an aspect to consider. Local customs and habits are sometimes not common in your own country , but no less valuable.


At many holiday destinations with a warm climate , there are unwanted visitors . This is hardly ever to avoid. In case you find indications of pests please inform SolturaDirect immediatly. In case of severe problems SolturaDirect will take appropriate measures as this is harmful to humans and the environment .

Water and power supplies

Water is scarce in many of our destinations . It may also happen that you have no water during certain parts of the day . SolturaDirect can not be held liable nor responsible for the consequences.

SolturaDirect bears no liability for:

• Theft, loss or damage of any kind during or as a result of staying in a holiday property rented by you .

• The breaking down or disabling of technical equipment and loss of power and / or water .

Use of the property by the tenant is entirely at the risk of the tenant.

15. complaints

We do our best to take care of your holiday. However an inconvenience or unforeseen situation may lead to nuisance. We very often depend on third party service providers and home owners for whos behaviour we can not be held responsible. SolturaDirect will always do its utmost to resolve any problem arising. Very often this is done through consulting the home owner. If a mutual agreement on a issue or problem can not be found the tenant can formally send in a complaint. The complaint should be send in as soon as possible , but no later than 14 days after the end of the rental period , to be confirmed and explained in writing. SolturaDirect is never liable for the acts and/or behaviour of the tenant such as accepting another rented house or hotel . All resulting costs are borne by the tenant.

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